Selling a property? Here are our top tips to get it ready!

Selling a property can be a pretty tricky time. So much to worry about, so little time. But don’t fear. We’ve been there before and are ready to give you some hot tips in getting your property ready for the first open home.

Before popping your home on the market and inviting those eager home buyers into your home for the first inspection, there’s a few things you need to do to put your property in the best possible position for a sale.

It’s not just for pride! Although that’s a big part of it. You don’t want any judgement from those homebuyers you’ll probably never meet. But it can affect the photos, and the first impression of the property when they first enter. Ultimately, it can affect your overall sale price. Who doesn’t want more money?

1 | Cleaning time!

We’re not suggesting you don’t clean. We know you do. But a big clean before a big sale is a pivotal part of the sale process. Trust me, those buyers will be looking inside all those nooks and crannies where you’ll be shovelling a tonne of your kids toys 20 minutes before the agent arrives. Use it as a chance to declutter. Through out the stuff you didn’t realise you had till you started the clean, and pack things away nicely so it looks aesthetic to the eye of the future home owner.

Plus, it’ll make it easier when it comes to packing it all away on moving day.

2 | Get rid of half your stuff.

Yes, we know the 400 photo frames and 6 vases of flowers means a lot to you all over the top of the really big storage unit in your lounge room. But think about the space. You want your property to look as big as possible to those perusing your home. Move things around, put stuff away. Make the home look as roomy and spacious as possible.

When you’re selling a property, think like a buyer. If you walked into your own home as a prospective purchaser, what would you think? And if that’s not giving yourself any ideas. Have a walk through a new display home nearby to you. There’s a reason they use a minimalist approach to furnishing. Those rooms look mighty big when filled with less stuff.

3 | Upgrade (within reason)

Now this point depends on your budget. But there’s always a few small things, especially in older homes that can use a bit of TLC. And by TLC we mean complete replacement. There are some smart little upgrade you can do within the home that can really turn the clock back 10 years. A few taps, light fittings, even curtains! Things that look dated give buyers the overall impression that the house is in fact dated. It could be just one room, but at the end of the day, you want buyers to walk through and see a home that’s perfect, not a fixer-upper. People tend to pay less for those.

Despite the fact you are spending some money before you leave the place, you’ll be spending money to make money. You’ll end up with more in your back-pocket. Especially if you follow item number 4…..

4 | A lick of paint (or three)

Give the place a brand new coat of paint! Especially in rooms that are looking a bit dull. Depending on the age of your home, you’ll have a variety of colours throughout the home that could really use some attending to. Cream or yellow are not really in vogue anymore. Painting a cooler (from a colour temp perspective) bright white can really brighten up an otherwise old room. Combined with new fixtures, it can make the place look 15 years younger.

In addition, if you’re painting over dents and scratches in the wall, which you should do by the way, make sure it’s the same colour. Like the exact same colour. If you can’t work it out, there are a few apps that can help you, but beware. When you take a photo of a colour, your phone does a little bit of processing so that shade of white may be slightly warmed or cooled in post processing which can be the difference (scratch that, it will be the difference).

In addition to looking fresh, it can sometimes make the place look even bigger than before!

5 | Open your windows before an open!

Open before an open! Words to live by! Make sure you have flyscreens though! Flies are definitely a deterrent. Opening your windows sends a nice breeze through the home, and rids it of those home smells. Not that they are bad, but fresh air always gives people a calming presence.

While we’re on the topic of windows and opening, when selling a property open those blinds and curtains completely. Natural light makes rooms look bigger, and more inviting.

6 | Natural light is great, but upgraded lights are too

Get rid of those warm, yellow old school lights. Get brighter, cooler lights. It’ll give your home more lighting throughout, but it also looks more appealing in this day and age. It’ll make the rooms look more inviting.

7 | Move things around

Now you could whip out the latest Feng Shui all in one companion book if you want (or if that’s really important in your neighbourhood – ask your agent), but by simply rearranging your furniture, you could make a room look bigger and more inviting. Sure, the couch isn’t facing the exact angle that you’d normally watch your sitcoms on, but when the future home buyer walks in, they’ll feel at home. Think like a buyer.

8 | Don’t postpone that yard work!

Now while the photographer claims (and to be honest he will) he will make your front lawn look a million bucks in the photos, that impressed buyer will come crashing back down to earth once they step out of your car and see the dirt laden monstrosity that is the reality. We know, you’re good at the gardening but you haven’t got the time. We get it. You should see my yard. But you can even pay someone to do it.

First impressions matter, and even before they step foot inside your home, fix that curb appeal and get that yard in order! You don’t want them feeling let down even before they look inside your home.

9 | Make it look like a home

We know we’ve told you to throw away half your stuff (not really), but when you’re selling a property, you’re also selling a home. A future home for someone, or your old one. While you should declutter and move stuff, don’t make it too clinical. Keep a few picture frames. Keep some classy images on the wall. Keep some toys around. People act on emotion, and you want them emotionally connected to your home by imagining they are living there right then and there.

When you’re selling a property, there’s a million things you’re thinking about and worrying about. But with these nine top tips, you’ll be prepared for that stylish photo shoot and first open home, letting you worry about the other stuff.

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Written by Dave Mills
November 18, 2020
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